Jesse Stone Movies So Far…

The Jesse Stone movies come from a best-selling series of crime novels written by the late Robert B. Parker. Jesse Stone’s world is brought to life with a superb performance by Tom Selleck and cast. The dark, moody and introspective atmosphere of these movies set it apart from everything else that is on TV. You will not see any huge action sequences here. This universe goes back to a time when story and character development matter more than special effects; which is probably why it has been such a hit. The stories are strong and subtle and leave you wanting more. The Jesse Stone cast are veteran character actors that are perfect in their roles.

So far there have been seven Jesse Stone movies in the series. Each story stands on its own so you don’t need to watch them in order, but some scenes will make more sense if you do. Here is a brief synopsis of each movie and the date it was released.

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Jessie Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

The latest installment, Lost in Paradise, has Jesse vacationing in Boston. He doesn’t get to relax for long as he’s brought in to provide his expertise in solving some cold case files. His instincts lead him on an investigation and is surprised along the way. This is another good movie in the series. Hopefully they are gearing up for more in 2016.

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Jessie Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the DoubtBenefit of the Doubt is this is the eighth movie in the series. An explosion takes the life of the Police Chief and another officer. Jesse is asked to be the Police Chief of Paradise once again and he accepts. As he gets closer to the killer, he doesn’t like what he finds.

More on the latest installment can be found here.

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Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Jesse Stone Movies - Innocents LostThe seventh installment, Innocents Lost, was co-written by Selleck and it supposed to be the last in the series (let’s hope not). Jesse is determined to avenge the death of a young girl that he once mentored. Looking into her checkered past he discovers drug addiction, acquaintances with a known mobster and prostitution. All indications point to an overdose, but Jesse’s instincts tell him otherwise. The police force is dealing with an new arrogant chief of police who has connections to the town council.

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Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

Jesse Stone Movies - No RemorseIn No Remorse, Jesse is suspended and not allowed to talk to his former colleagues. Jesse starts drinking more and is depressed. A group of strange murders in Boston grabs his interest and the case leads to a infamous crime boss Gino Fish. Rose and Suitcase are left back in Paradise and are trying to solve a series of crimes.

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Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)

Jesse Stone Movies - Thin Ice
For the first time in the series, this installment is based on original material. Don’t let that concern you though as Thin Ice is another excellent installment in the series. In Boston, Jesse and his State Homicide friend are shot and his friend is seriously injured. Paradise City Council is not happy with his performance and his ex is moving in with her new boyfriend. Thin Ice is definitely an appropriate title. Not my favorite of the Jesse Stone movies, but it is still very good.

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Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2008)

Jesse Stone Movies - Sea ChangeIn Sea Change, newly fired from the LAPD, Jesse leaves his wife and moves to Massachusetts to become a Police Chief in a small town. Jesse struggles with drinking and women. A 12 year old cold case grabs his attention and new clues lead him to rape aboard a yacht during a popular New England boat race. The twists and turns during the investigation will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise (2007)

Jesse Stone Movies - Death In Paradise
Even though Death In Paradise is the third installment it takes place immediately after the events in Stone Cold and features an excellent performance by Steven Baldwin. The body of a teenager is found in the river. Jesse follows the clues to Boston and the mob and ends up rubbing them the wrong way.

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Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2007)

Jesse Stone Movies - Night PassageNight Passage is a prequel to the first movie Stone Cold and is the story of Jesse trying to find the killer of a young girl. This back story provides insight into his drinking problem and why he ends up getting fired. The sheriff is retiring early and Jesse finds out why. Investing a case with a battered wife he finds the husband is hiding something. This is another excellent instalment. This is my personal favorite of the Jesse Stone movies in the series.

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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

Jesse Stone Movies - Stone ColdStone Cold is the fourth novel in the series, but the first of the Jesse Stone movies to be filmed. This is an excellent introduction to the Jesse Stone character and is one of the better mysteries to ever be brought to television. People in Paradise are being shot randomly with .22 caliber pistols. Witnesses notice a red Saab. This leads to other clues and unlikely killers. This is the first in the Jesse Stone movies series, but I actually recommend watching Night Passage first since it is a prequel and establishes a lot of the back story Stone Cold doesn’t.

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Watching the Jessie Stone Movies in Order

I have been asked a few times lately what order to watch the Jesse Stone movie series in. To me, it really didn’t matter. I started watching the series at Death in Paradise and it didn’t stop me from enjoying the rest of them. However, if I was to watch them all over again I would start with the prequel Night Passage. That one gives a lot of the back story and sets the stage for the rest of the series. I would then just watch the rest in the order they were released. It really doesn’t matter if you watch the Jesse Stone movies in order, but it can help to understand the man and also get to know the characters better.

47 thoughts on “Jesse Stone Movies So Far…

  1. Doreen Sanders

    I have not been drawn into a series like this since supernatural.Every movie that I have watched had me being drugged in an waiting for each movie.I hope they keep them coming as Tom and the rest of the crew are the best.Thanks for making something worth watching.

    Thank you

  2. admin Post author

    I’m actually hoping that they make it into a weekly series at some point. I doubt that will ever happen, but I think it would do really well.


  3. Claire Castronovo

    I agree with Doreen. These movies are very addictive! My husband and I love them. We also hope they keep making them. We watched 3 in one day on netflix! Thanks, Claire

  4. Doris Barrilleaux

    I was still watching the old Magnum series when Blue Bloods appeared. How terribly disappointed I was that Selleck is nothing more than a figurehead showing a closeup array of facial expressions. Because of Donnie Walberg, I’ll watch it occasionally. However, both my brother and I anxiously await each new Jesse Stone movie. A weekly series might grow old, but these occasional movies are alway eagerly anticipated.
    Doris and Ron

  5. Jabe Wills

    We were hooked when the first J. Stone TV movie was broadcast and have remained so throughout. Every new addition to the series is an event which we anticipate with great enthusiasm each time and you can count we’ll be watching tonight for “Benefit of the Doubt.” I would NOT like to see this series become weekly as I think it would falter in the process but would definitely hope it will continue with a new addition every year . . . two times per year would be even better. Have always enjoyed Tom Selleck and think he has portrayed Jesse Stone impeccably. Major kudos also to the writer(s) of this series

    1. Gloria

      Could you please explain the ending of “Benefit of a Doubt”. Did Hasty order the killing of the two police officers and who was the sniper trying to kill at the end and why?

      1. Lynn

        Hasty ordered the killing of the police chief (kid) because he had figured out that Hasty was actually Fish’s boss. The deputy was just there. I believe the sniper was after Jesse, because he wouldn’t have been watching for him if Hasty were his target. Besides, he’d been following him around and Jesse had traffic-stopped him. The 24th was the day Hasty was going to take the money and run, but once Jesse tipped him (on purpose) he had to move the getaway, and moved it up a day. I liked this one better than Innocents Lost — maybe because he was connecting with the dog — LOVE THAT DOG (and I’m a cat person).

        1. Gloria

          Thanks Lynn for the explanation. An answer wasn’t forthcoming so I gave up looking until today. Can’t wait for the next Jesse Stone movie.

  6. Marilyn Beierle

    I wish they would have a Jessie Stone marathon like they do with other movies all in one weekend starting with the very first one, but have them in the correct order.

    1. frances

      I totally agree, My family and I watch every time a new one comes out.Magnum was hot but Jesse is hotter than a firecracker.

  7. Kathy

    These movies never disappoint, and “Benefit of the Doubt” was excellent, can’t wait for the next one. Please tell me that there will be a next one and soon. Once a year is to long to wait, twice a year would be perfect.

    1. admin Post author

      CBS hasn’t announced an eighth movie yet and there aren’t currently filming one so don’t on another coming out “soon”. Most likely another will be release this time next year.

  8. Robbie

    We taped this on Sunday and just finished watching “Benefit of the Doubt”…have never been so disappointed in a Jesse Stone movie. Have loved them all until this one. Who was the sniper after, Jesse or Hasty and who hired him? What was the significance of the 24th? It was almost like this was part one and part two should be next week. The whole story line was weak and full of holes, and I just ended up feeling ticked off that I waited all year to be left hanging like it was a weekly series. What is the deal with this?

      1. Annette

        I agree. With Suitcase showing up at the last scene, we were certain there was a part 2. I suppose the unanswered questions will keep all of us watching for the next episode. Smart planning Mr. Seleck!!!!! We’re all a bunch of crack addicts!!! 😀

    1. Carol

      He was after Jesse. The 24th was supposed to be the day he killed Jesse. It was the 24 Th pier 10 and he was gonna meet Hasty. Hasty hired the gunman.

  9. Scarlett Faith

    I love these movies! I have all but the last one that aired on the 20th. Hope they keep coming!!!

  10. Carol

    You can’t stop making the movies! I read today that Benefit of the Doubt will be the last movie. NO! NO! NO! I love Tom Selleck’s as Jesse Stone! Plus, he has to go after Hasty. Hasty just can’t get away with murder like that and ride off on a boat!! There must be a conclusion.

  11. Pam

    Bluebloods was such a disappointment. But Jesse Stone, aaahaa. Excellent. Want to buy the entire series. I love the pace of the show, the scenery and the music. Oh yes, and the mystery and the MAN!

  12. Bill Curley

    I have seen all 8 of the Jesse Stone movies. I like Blueblood, but Selleck is always in the background. It would be nice to see Jesse Stone turn into a weekly series. Tom Selleck is just great as Jesse Stone!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  13. Laurie somerville

    I love all the Jesse Stone movies. I have them all and hope they continue. The characters scenery and direction are perfect but the music by Jeff Beal is great. I wish we could get the sondtrack but its out of print

  14. Ben

    I know it has been months now since Benefit aired but I just found this website and read the comments here and wanted to put in my two cents worth about the plot. In answer to Lynn who said that Hasty Hathaway ordered the killing of the new police chief because he had figured out that Hasty was Gino’s boss I find that hard to believe unless Hasty really fouled up somehow. The new chief didn’t seem to have a lot on the ball and was more concerned about writing tickets than doing serious police work. Also don’t forget that Jesse, who is very sharp at putting things together, has known Hasty for several years now and he didn’t suspect the arrangement between Hasty and Gino until the Gino’s shapely assistant mentioned that Gino had a boss. Even Captain Healey thought that Gino ran the whole show. It is more that likely that the new chief blundered onto something completely by accident and probably didn’t even know what he had uncovered. I think there is more yet to reveal in the next installment that nobody as yet suspects. Ahh, now I feel better. Thanks.

  15. Lauriwe

    Like most of the opinions before me, this is a great series of movies. I am hoping for many more. We love Tom Selleck in everything since Magnum PI. Go Tom!! Hoping for many more like this.

  16. shari

    I have all the dvds. I’ll probably watch them until they throw dirt on me. Love the stories and Selleck nails the brooding character to the tee. Hopethey bring the series back.

  17. Larry

    Just got thru the last of the 8 movies and I am hooked.
    Got my Dad hooked, he has seen the first three so far.
    Roommate walked in on one and is watching them in his bedroom from the start to catch up… I hope the series does not end and someone picks up and makes more.

  18. Fred Starkey

    Iagree with all the above comments. Great movies.
    Now I’m an addict like others. Let’s get Thomas to
    make more: better than Spenser. The last one with
    Healey is unresolved. Lot’s of spin-offs can come from that.

  19. June moran

    I understood he was looking for financing. All the money they put into stupid series that do not make it through first season, what in the world are they on? A Tom Selleck/Jessie Stone TV movies have never lost MONEY. I hope this is not the end. If I had the money that’s where I would invest

  20. Hazel channon

    Just some comments from over the water What a refreshing change these movies have been Tom Selleck was made for the role of Jesse. Well scripted well acted and well shot. What more could you want from 2 hours of viewing

  21. Tony

    Cannot see why Hallmark would not look to back a new slate of Jesse Stone films since they show the old ones all the time. Tom Selleck has always said he would like to shop the movies around,since
    CBS doesn’t seem interested.

  22. TheMom

    More, please!! We just found this video series and love them. We hunted each episode down and marathon-watched them. Want to see Suit, Rose, Healy and yes – even Hasty. (Hope they can make him into a somewhat redeemable character.)
    We really like the idea that it wasn’t the series’ intent to follow the books. It added a freshness that is very much appreciated.
    Also appreciate that it wasn’t hokey-Hollywood-action-packed-every-second. The tweenies can have as much of that as they want on all the usual, other cop dramas. This rates right up there with British productions – so much better than most US network fodder.

  23. Doug

    Hallmark Channel announced the filming of a new Jesse Stone movie called “Lost in Paradise” which will be released this fall. They said they are planning more after that too. Awesome news for us Jesse Stone fans!!

  24. S. Capps

    I am so happy there will be another movie, the more the better. I love Tom Selleck. I love him in Blue Bloods and watch every Jesse Stone movie every time it’s on. Way to go HMC.

  25. Trish M.

    And the cherry on top is the “Casablanca”-esque romance between Magnum and his one true love, Michelle, the gorgeous Marta Du Bois. Lovely.

  26. D. M. Stapp

    I’ve watched Tom Selleck’s portrayal of Magnum P. I., then Jesse Stone, and now his role in Blue Bloods keeps me coming back to that series every week. Now I try to catch Blue Bloods every time it is shown all day long. I’m addicted to that series, still I’ve been in love with Jesse Stone since the first time it aired, and wish that series would come back . . . I’m not getting any younger, and would like to see Jesse’s expertise as a sharp-thinking police officer. So far, only Blue Bloods and Magnum P.I. are being shown on a continual basis. Nonetheless, you go Tom, you are the believable character you portray and believing is a major part of a good series. Thanks for being the actor we know; one who brings reality to any story line in the script(s) you’ve tackled throughout the years. Keep ’em comin’ please and thank you again.

  27. Tina

    Jesse Stone Movies In Order To Watch
    1. Jesse Stone: Night Passage
    2. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold
    3. Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise
    4. Jesse Stone: Sea Change
    5. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
    6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse
    7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost
    8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt
    9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

    All Great Movies Hoping There Will Be More 🙂


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