Jesse Stone Cast

Jesse Stone cast - Tom SelleckThe Jesse Stone cast is made up by a solid group of veteran actors and actresses that may not be household names, but are faces you will recognize. They blend into the story effortlessly like they had played these characters for decades. Tom is brilliant as Jesse Stone, but Kathy Baker also puts in a solid performance as his friend Rose Gammon. The rest of the Jesse Stone cast are also strong and do not take you out of or away from the story, which is always a nice bonus.

This is a list of the actors and actresses who have been involved so far, but does not include the new Benefit of the Doubt episode coming out in May 2012.

Jesse Stone Cast To Date

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

Kathy Baker as Rose Gammon

Edward Edwards as Bishop

Kohl Sudduth as Luthor “Suitcase” Simpson

Stephen McHattie as Captain Healy

Viola Davis as Molly Crane

William Devane as Dr. Dix

Stephanie March as Cissy Hathaway

Stephen Baldwin as Joe Genest

Polly Shannon as Abby Taylor

Saul Rubinek as Hastings Hardaway

Vitto Rezza as Anthony D’Angelo

Mimi Rogers as Rita Fiore

Jane Adams and Brianne Lincoln

Reg Rogers and Andrew Lincoln

4 thoughts on “Jesse Stone Cast

  1. Laurie

    I love all the Jesse Stone movies. The characters and scenery are great but the music is really nice. I wish the soundtrack was available

    1. Margaret L

      It is… try Search “Jesse Stone theme song or music.” Also, the music is by Jeff Beal. When I purchased mine, one had to email Jeff Beal, who graciously offered for a donation. I believe in paying for what I got, so I “donated” $20 … It was so worth it! Another buyer said he plays the music while writing. I play the music while doing my bookkeeping… Just love it. Now, I think it is offered for a fee on amazon…

  2. Patricia Kimes

    I love all of the Jesse Stone movies. I have enjoyed watching each one of them.

    I wish that more Jesse Stone movies will grace my DVD library in the future!

    Thank you!


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