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Jesse Stone - The ManUnlike the movie series, Jesse Stone starts out Robert B. Parker’s novels in his mid-thirties. Jesse Stone was also an ex-baseball player in the minor leagues who played shortstop, but injures his shoulder. Jesse’s hard times begin when his wife Jennifer asks for a divorce. This drives him to drinking and also begins his trouble with the LAPD where he is asked to resign due to his troubles with alcohol. Jesse runs to the east coast where he unexpectedly is hired as a police cheif in a small New England town called Paradise. The small, sleepy town turns out to be anything but and he quickly sees a town full of criminals, mob men, supremacists and murderers. The novels follow Jesse as he solves cases while he stuggles with alcohol and women. He gets along great with his fellow officers in the department and has a very good relationship with Captain Healey his Homicide Commander. There are nine books in the series starting in 1997 with Night Passage and ending in 2010 with Split Image.

Jesse Stone Novels

  1. Night Passage – 1997
  2. Trouble in Paradise – 1998
  3. Death in Paradise – 2001
  4. Stone Cold – 2003
  5. Sea Change – 2006
  6. High Profile – 2007
  7. Stranger in Paradise – 2008
  8. Night and Day – 2009
  9. Night Passage – 2010

Robert B. Parker passed away in 2010. He is a popular crime writer probably best renowned for his Spencer novels which were brought to us in the Spencer For Hire TV show starring Robert Urich. Robert’s western novel Appaloosa was also recently made into a movie in 2008 which starred Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen. If you haven’t read any of his books, you should. He was a great and entertaining American writer.

The books have been adapted for television by CBS and star Tom Selleck as Jesse. Tom plays the character almost exactly as he is portrayed in the books and gets high praise from the author who has stated “Tom nails the character” even though he is much older than the original character. The detective genre on television has all but died with flashier shows like NCIS and CSI taking over, but Tom has proven there is still a place for smart detective work on the television landscape. The Jesse Stone movie series a breath of fresh air compared to other cop shows on TV.

5 thoughts on “Jesse Stone – The Man

  1. Wendy adams

    I have been trying to find out what the next Jesse Stone movie will be. I just can’t believe they would cancel it when they have several books that haven’t even been turned into movies everyone I know are huge fan of Jesse Stone and Blue Bloods. There is nothing like them I have watched them so many time that my family is always saying mom not again. I just don’t get tired of watching either program.

  2. Andrina Adams

    I hope they keep Jesse Stone series going because they all are awesome and Tom fits the role perfectly. I pray to God they don’t cancel the series. Even when I read the books I can see Jesse Stone really doing the things. Tom is doing such a great job in Jesse stone series and blue bloods don’t want to miss a single minute of it.

  3. Gwen

    I love all of Jesse Stone’s movies I have watched them more than twice. Is there any chance of more movies being made with Tom Selleck staring
    Thank you


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