Longmire – Jesse Stone’s Long Lost Cousin

Walt LongmireIf you are still looking for a show to fill the void after the cancellation of Jesse Stone, Longmire might be it. Longmire is quickly becoming a hit show on A&E and has already been renewed for another season. If you haven’t seen it yet, just like the Jesse Stone series, Longmire is a another throw-back style of storytelling with suspense, great acting and storylines you can believe.

Walt Longmire, played perfectly by Robert Taylor, is a smalltown Wyoming lawman who is a no-nonsense, brooding, loner who likes to tip the bottle back now and then (sound familiar?). Like Jesse Stone, he has also recently lost his wife and is struggling to get his life back together after the tragedy. No matter what mystery he faces, Walt calmly gathers clues, talks to witnesses and investigates each case with dogged determination.

Longmire is also based on an excellent series of novels written by Craig Johnson. Starting back in 2007, there have been nine novels so far in the series and they have been getting rave reviews. If you like the Jesse Stone novels by Robert B. Parker you are sure to love these ones as well.

If you haven’t seen Longmire yet, I highly recommend you try and catch it on A&E the next time it is on or look ahead right now and record it on your PVR. This is a series I have quickly fallen in love with and is similar to how I envisioned a Jesse Stone weekly series playing out. If you want to catch up on the series, you can download them right now from Amazon Instant Video.

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