Tom Selleck For Sale?

Tom Selleck as Jesse StoneTom Selleck is for sale. I’m sure there are lots of women that are bringing out their chequebooks now. However, it is Sony that has put the rights to Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone series up for sale. CBS has decided it is no longer going to carry the Jesse Stone series and Sony would like to find it another home. The last instalment, Benefit of the Doubt, brought in an estimated audience of almost 13 million viewers. However, CBS wasn’t happy with the results in the 18-49 demographic that they so cherish. They claim that their pulling of Jesse Stone wasn’t influenced by demographics, but was due to the network’s success with other TV series. This results in there not being enough time in their schedule to air Specials or TV movies. Is a commitment of one movie per year really that big of a deal when it’s drawing millions of viewers? Apparently it is.

This is very disappointing news for many who love the series and wait eagerly each year for a new episode. The Jesse Stone movies are a breath of fresh air to those of us that are tired of Reality TV and obnoxious sitcoms that permeate our TV schedule. That is bad news for the rest of us. Hopefully the series gets picked up quickly by another network quickly so we don’t go more than a year between episodes.

Tom Selleck in Blue BloodsIn the meantime, Selleck’s other CBS series Blue Bloods, has been renewed for a third season. After the first season I was still on the fence about this series, but now I am starting to love it. Towards the end of last season it was starting to hit its stride as the actors got more comfortable in their respective roles. The stories are also getting more interesting and Donnie Walberg and Jennifer Esposito have developed a great chemistry. Too bad that Tom is more of a secondary role, but he has still has a great screen presence.  If you haven’t been watching it you can find previous episodes on Amazon Instant Video or you can purchase full seasons if you prefer.

What do you think about Blue Bloods and the cancelation of Jesse Stone?

If you want to catch up on Blue Bloods you can find the episodes or season sets on Amazon by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Tom Selleck For Sale?

  1. Teddi Stransky

    The Jesse Stone TV movies were wonderful, and I have them all. I’ve not had an opportunity to see Blue Bloods as I don’t have commercial TV, but I’ll be looking for it on video. Selleck is an excellent actor and I’ve enjoyed all his works.

  2. TheMom

    We just discovered Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone book series a few months ago. Liked the books and was pleasantly surprised to find some of the videos on Netflix! We hunted down each episode and marathon-watched them in 2 days. Really wish there were more.
    We don’t usually like book to TV series, but as these were not meant to follow the books, we enjoyed that freshness.
    Hope someone will come along and pick them up – and even though Tom is a busy man, I hope he’ll be able to continue.
    Really miss Healy, Suit, and Rose – and I have to admit Hasty, too. Hope they can make him out to be a somewhat redeemable character.


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