Tom Selleck Westerns

Tom Selleck Westerns – The Early Years

Tom Selleck WesternsEarlier in his career Tom made a name for himself in the Western genre. He started out in 1979 with Sam Elliot in the made-for-tv Western “The Sacketts” and followed that up in 1982 with “The Shadow Riders”. TNT also made three westerns starring Tom Selleck that aired between 1997 and 2003; Last Stand at Saber River, Crossfire Trail and Monte Walsh.
After watching Tom for a few minutes in one of these movies you will see that his acting style is perfect for the Western genre. He carries a quiet confidence that is the backbone to the classic American Cowboy we all know. You will find some short reviews and a synopsis of each movie below.

The Sacketts (1979)

The Sacketts
The Sacketts is a three hour adaptation of Louis L’Amour’s novels The Daybreakers and Sackett. Louis L’Amour provides the narration as Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck and Jeff Osterhage cross the prairies of the Midwest. The three cowboy brothers find themselves in many situations: hunting for gold, lead cattle drives and of course there is the occasional gun and fistfight. This is an excellent movie that showcases these veteran actors well. If you like classic Westerns you are sure to like this one as well.

The Shadow Riders (1982)

The Shadow Riders
Based on the success of The Sacketts, The Shadow Riders reunites Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck in another Louis L’Amour Western. However, this Western takes place at the end of the Civil War. After serving on two different sides, they both find themselves returning home to find the town in disarray as discover that their sisters and brother have been kidnapped by Confederate rebels. They join their uncle to follow the rebels into Mexico for a final climactic showdown. This movie has many comedic moments, but there are also many great action sequences.

Tom Selleck Westerns – The Later Years

Last Stand at Saber River (1997)

Last Stand at Saber River
Tom stars as a Confederate soldier (Paul Cable) who has returned from the Civil War after he knows that the South has lost. He returns to gather his family to go back to their farm in Arizona and desperately wants a quiet, normal life. Martha, his wife, is not happy with is return because she didn’t want him to go in the first place. She is used to dealing with life on her own now and can take care of herself. The movie centers around the aftermath of the Civil War, but the relationship between Paul and Martha take center stage and ultimately provide a far more engaging story.

Crossfire Trail (2001)

Crossfire Trail
Selleck returns to familiar territory to do another Louis L’Amour novel and is directed by Simon Wincer who was the directed Thomas in “Quigley Down Under” and the classic tv miniseries “Lonesome Dove”. Tom makes a promise to a friend who is dying that he will take care of his ranch and wife. This is a typical Western that is fairly predictable, however it is so well done that you end up enjoying it anyways. A lot of care was put into the authenticity of everything and it is very apparent from the costumes to the sets and prairie landscape.

Monte Walsh (2003)

Monte Walsh
Simon Wincer returns to direct Tom Selleck in the remake of Monte Walsh. It is widely agreed upon that this is Tom’s best Western movie to date and I agree with that sentiment. The movie depicts the end of the cowboy way of life and does a great job capturing this era. The United States is moving to more modern times and the American West is changing rapidly. Monte Walsh (Tom Selleck) is a typical, hard-working, stubborn man who resists change. His life revolves around horses, drinking and women and he wants it to remain that way. This is an excellent tribute to the Old West that any Western movie enthusiast will enjoy.

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